I’m gonna say this here because i want everyone to see it. but it will eventually be more integrated into the actual submission process. since we are in the age of the internet and people hate to read or use their better judgement i shall explain a little further some important submission rules, maybe this is your first submission somewhere or maybe the process is still confusing. More is always better than less. if someone sends me one image…it better be the best damn image ever… and will only be accept as a possible cover choice.. if someone sends me one image and its not up to “Magazine” standards you will be ignored.. Look at these magazines for an example of what I’m talking about. “Dark Beauty, Zink, Editorial, Freque” these are all magazine with great Covers. if you are going to send me more images…i said more is better than less and it is…however, if you send me 20 images and they are all below magazine standards…then you are wasting the time of both of us.. pick your best images and then at the end of the day you still have 15-20 great images, then by all means send them. :)

from Tenebrous Magazine http://ift.tt/1pvm3Lz


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