Due to the overwhelming success of Tenebrous Magazine so far, we are adding an additional SPECIAL issue to this years line up… NOVEMBER: ANGELS AND DEMON’s we moved up the Bodypaint special issue to September MAY ***SPECIAL ISSUE*** LOVECRAFT/CTHULHU tribute issue. Submissions due May 8th, Book Release May 10th Mood Board: http://ift.tt/1eCI16v June Issue #6 Dark Summer Fashion / Dark Sexuality and Sensuality – Submissions Due June 8th, Book Release June 10th JULY ***SPECIAL ISSUE*** Tenebrous Magazine The FETISH issue. Submissions due July 8th, Book Release July 10th August Issue #7 Dark Fall Fashion, Mortality, Death, Renewal – Submissions Due Aug 8th, Book Release Aug 10th SEPTEMBER ***SPECIAL ISSUE*** BodyPaint Special Edition – Submissions Due Sept 8th Book Release Sept 10th October Issue # 8 Favorite Horror Author/Director/Artist Homage i.e. Tim Burton, H.R. Giger, Edgar Allen Poe. H.P. Lovecraft – Submissions Due Oct 8th Book Release Oct 10th NOVEMBER ***SPECIAL ISSUE*** Angels and Demons – Submissions Due Nov 8th Book Release Nov 12th December Issue #9 Winter Fashion / Christmas Ghosts – Past, Present, Future, Rebirth – New Year Submissions Due Dec 8th Book Release Dec 10th

from Tenebrous Magazine http://ift.tt/1pvm3Lz

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